PrivateFX: broker designed for Forex investment and trading profit

PrivateFX is a broker established under the support of a major investment company Concorde Capital. A special feature of the broker is application of trading and investment technologies and tools which have already proved their highest efficiency and profitability. Picking the best technology and looking for the most talented traders, PrivateFX offers the greatest opportunity to get profit on FOREX and other financial markets.

Main PrivateFX products

  • PAMM. Trades are conducted by experienced trader and you only get the profit. PAMM PrivateFX advantage is a unique selection of talented traders who have proved their ability to generate a steady income and to manage risks. With the allocation of funds for several PAMM-account, you get a reduction of risks and more reliable investments.
  • PAMM Indices. A unique investment product, a ready-made portfolio of PAMM-accounts with balanced risks. With just one operation you invest your capital to a several different PAMMs, and the structure of each portfolio is determined by the company’s experts. The result is an appreciable risk smoothing. Indexes can achieve a carefree investment: just put your money and wait for the income, almost like a bank. Only in the bank no one will give 100% annual interest, but many PAMM indexes generate even higher level of annual profitability.
  • The Active Investor. Combined solution, which is suitable for those investors who want to finely control the risks and are well versed in the trade process. Instead of investing in the PAMM-account you can copy deals from experienced PAMM managers who also are trading signal providers. You pay providers reward for the trading signals, then you can set up the copy coefficient for each signal provider and conduct deals yourself. Every “Active investor” is automatically is manager of PAMM-account, so you can attract investment and get additional revenue by getting reward for the lucrative deals.

Trading conditions in PrivateFX

  • Minimum deposit trading account is $20. For PAMM accounts the minimum deposit is $500. For accounts «Active Investor» the minimum deposit is $ 10,000.
  • Spread — depending on the currency pair, but very low. For example, one of the most popular currency pairs EUR / USD traded with a spread of 0.1 points.
  • The minimum lot is 0.01. The volume is quite comfortable for most traders.
  • Leverage 1:100. Broker protects customers from excessive risk in margin trading.
  • Margin Call 75%, Stop Out 50%. Such parameters automatically close trades when receiving losses provide improved security trader.
  • The Commission $ 10 for 1 lot. Very favorable price, as most other brokers offering commission of not less than $ 20 per lot.
  • No frosts and slippages, market orders execution. For short-term trading is especially important the orders to be executed immediately because a second delay can worsen the outcome of the transaction.

Deposits and withdrawals: a wide range of technologies

  • Available deposit and withdrawals via direct bank wire transfer.
  • Direct payments on Visa, Mastercard.
  • Qiwi, UnionPay, NETELLER,, WebMoney, Yandex.Money
  • A list of systems for deposit and withdrawal is constantly expanding.

How to start? It’s very simple!

To get started, you need to create an account, which requires:

  • Login to the site PrivateFX
  • Fill out the registration form, enter your real data
  • Trade or invest using online tools.

Another way to start: deposit auction

To get additional funds for trade and investment, you can buy a Forex Trend deposit, and then translate it into Private FX by ongoing program «1+1». It works as follows:

  • You buy a Forex Trend deposit with a profitable discount online here: . Suppose you want to invest a total $ 10,000. Instead of immediately going to Private FX and invest $10,000, you buy a $7500 Forex Trend deposit, with a 70% discount. So you pay for deposit to its owner $2250.
  • You use «1 + 1» program to convert Forex Trend deposit to PrivateFX. That is, you will need to deposit the same amount of money. In our example you bought $7,500 and $7500 must be deposited under “1+1” terms.
  • Let’s calculate the results. You spent $2250 for a Forex Trend deposit and 7500 to activate deposit by «1 + 1» program, resulting in 9750 dollars invested. But on the trading account you will get $ 15,000. Now you can feel the difference?

To take advantage of this offer, your steps are:

  • Register online at Forex Trend.
  • Log in on the auction site using authorization through Forex Trend.
  • Deposit an amount sufficient to pledge for deposits you are interested in. For just registered users in the system with no deals history, the pledge is 20%. That is, if you’re thinking of buying a deposit for $ 10,000, you need to pledge at least 2000. It is not a deposit denomination, but the amount you are willing to pay for it! For example, you are willing to spend $10,000 to buy a deposit, and that money can buy depot like $25000. Pledge amount will be $2000, not $5000.
  • Complete the process of trade. If you are the only participant, you automatically will become the winner. If you have a competitor, you will have to bid for the selected item, raising the price. If the price rose too much, you can stop participation, then your pledge amount will be returned to your account.
  • If you won the bid for the deposit, you will need to pay for it within 7 days.
  • After deal closure, you get the Forex Trend deposit that needs to be translated into Private FX program «1 + 1»
  • In Private FX you get the opportunity to update your account, activate your money and use it for trading or investment.